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Reverie Luxe Performance Bed Sheets Price: $120 and up from Amazing sheets can do a world of good think about how well you sleep when you're at a fine hotel. These Luxe Performance Sheets from Reverie are made from some otherworldly fabric (called RevTek cool knit) that feels so silky and slippery soft that merely climbing into bed is a treat. They help you maintain a comfortable temperature while you sleep great for sweaty sleepers and the stretchy, elasticized ends make the sheets a breeze to put on and they really stay put. They're available in four colors. 2. Sonno Pillow Price: $60 and up from Having a comfortable place to (literally) lay your head is crucial to a good night's sleep. From pillows that are fluffy as a cloud to flat as a pancake, we all have our preferences. The American-made Sonno Pillows are customizable so you can make your pillow juuuuust right. The pillow arrives poofy as can be and you simply unzip and remove as much hypoallergenic microfiber as you see fit.

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