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The American-made Sonno Pillows are customizable so you can make your pillow juuuuust right. The pillow arrives poofy as can be and you simply unzip and remove as much hypoallergenic microfiber as you see fit. 3. Rowenta Intense Aqua Control Humidifier Price: $169.99 at Moist air can help relieve congestion and even snoring, so if your partner sounds like a lawn mower when they sleep, try a humidifier like this one from Rowenta. It has a variety of settings and up to 18 hours of run time in a very compact body. Bonus: humidifiers are also good for maintaining healthy moisture levels for babies. 4. Ilumi Smartbulbs Price: $59 and up at Many experts believe that the blue light emitted by our devices and from some light bulbs can cause sleeplessness. The Wellness Lighting feature from IIumi bulbs automatically adjusts your lighting to follow the daily color cycle of the sun, rather than the artificial light we are exposed to. On the fun side, these app-controlled bulbs allow you to change the color in your room to almost any color (like pink or green) and turn the light off right from your smart device. Your kids will love it!

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